Richard Blair’s Advice on Wealth Management and Wealth Solutions

Renting property through AirBNB is a new trend for quick money for property owners, however there are risks involved with this type of activity.

You should incorporate the possible risks when thinking about renting on AirBNB such as liability for injuries, damage to your property or that surrounding your house, theft, illegal drug or other activities on your property. Additionally, some tenants have found ways around paying all together.

Insurance coverage is largely non-existant for short-term renting like AirBNB.

The protection given through AirBNB is only activated if you have exhausted all of your own resources!

If you are ok with these types of risks, you should still speak with a qualified insurance handler or investment manager. Richard Dwayne Blair who works with Wealth Solutions Inc. can help you understand your choices and give solid advice that is tailored to your exact needs and situation. Blair is the owner of the Austin, TX company and has been involved in capital management for 22 years. Currently, he operates with over $55 million under his management.

The company offers collaborative and customized strategies that include:

• Professional and trusted expert financial advice.
• Personally tailored investing goals.
• Customized asset solutions.
• 24 hour access to options with investments.
• Top tier security within accounts.

Blair holds the following certifications
vRegistered Investment Advisor (RIA)
Certified Annuity Specialist® (CAS®)
Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™ (CES™)
Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS®)
Certified Income Specialist™ (CIS™)
Certified Tax Specialist™ (CTS™)
Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®)

Richard Blair’s dedication to financial and wealth management planning has driven him to perpetually educate himself on the current and cutting edge trends and analyses offered within the financial sector industry. While in his early years in the University of Houston, he has had a passion for informing, educating and assisting others through optimizing their personal financial goals. This passion has propelled him into the finance sector industry immediately after graduating from University of Houston and has led him to build Wealth Solutions in the year 1994. The company offers innovative and professional financial strategies for investment portfolios with an aim to minimize taxes, optimize benefits, produce real estate investing ideas, and creating robust income streams.

Philip Delhi Interview on Entrepreneur Podcast

Recently, Philip Delhi who is the U.S Money Reserve president showed up for an interview with host Eric Dye of Entrepreneurial Podcast Networks Enterprise radio ( EPN enterprise radio) to discuss about the gold market and his amazing leadership skills.

EPN Enterprise radio is a show that creates a platform for small business owners, successful business executives and entrepreneurs to share their ideas, latest services and products created, strategies as well as experiences.

This interview focused on several areas including Philips’ leadership background, his effective leadership skills, strong customer service of U.S Money Reserve and the future expectations from the gold market among others.

His Success in the Modern Era

Following Philip Delhi’s creation of 50 States Quarter Program, he is considered as the most influential and accomplished directors of the U.S Mint. Additionally, he was on the forefront of the formation of the first-ever platinum coin issued by the U.S government. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Philip recalls in the interview that during his tenure, the U.S Mint transformed to greater heights. Initially this agency was pretty downwards but under his direction the agency transformed to being a real entrepreneurial agency.

Philip Delhi took part in the overhaul of a six year commitment that was aimed at improving customer service in the U.S Mint. Eventually, this firm emerged to be the very best within the American business basing on the quality of customer service that was being given.

His efforts in U.S Money Reserve

According to their page, under Delhi’s management, U.S Money Reserve has managed to be among the largest distributors of precious metals in the United States. His commitment and entrepreneurial principles have ensured proper customer satisfaction within the firm.

Recently, this firm began the IRA, a self-directed program for precious metals which allows customers hold physical gold for the benefits of a rise in gold prices as well as a way to protect wealth for retirement purposes.

During the interview, Philip encouraged consumers to choose on U.S minted silver, platinum and gold coins. This is simply because they are backed up by the U.S government and they are legal. The U.S minted gold coins guarantee you purity, weight as well as gold content. Additionally, expected volatility in markets is likely to cause price increases in gold.

Under his management, U.S Money Reserve has managed to serve hundreds of thousands of clients and ensured their total satisfaction. This company goes beyond the industry standards by creating long lasting relationship with customers thus building a good reputation.

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Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum

Where Is Madison Street Capital Headed In The Next Five Years?

The NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts) honors distinguished associates and organizations that have made notable contributions to their community(s). According to and other digital media outlets, Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital co-founding father/COO made the list last year. The CTI (Consultants Training Institute) and the NACVA organized an executive panel to select the top achievers of 125 nominees. Both executive bodies strive to identify highly qualified leaders across various facets of the financial industry. Largely, these visionaries are experts in financial consulting or accounting. The categories focused on included mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, expert witness testimony, related professions, litigation consulting and financial forensics in conjunction with the 40 Under Forty program. Popular digital news magazines: NACVA Association News, The Value Examiner, QuickReadBuzz Blog, etc. featured the top achievers and their career achievements.

Anthony Marsala has committed hours of community service and executive duty to the finance industry throughout his career. A former Loyola University-Chicago scholar, Mr. Marsala studied Information Systems and Finance. In addition, Oxford University Said Business School honored him with an MBA in Strategy. Chiefly, Mr. Marsala has a specialization in merger and acquisitions, business valuation and corporate finance. As Chicago’s Madison Street Capital COO/co-founder, he played a pivotal role in cementing the group’s international launch. Today, Madison Street Capital manages an extensive global portfolio across Asia, Europe, and Africa. Globally, Mr. Marsala is an ASA (American Society of Appraisers) and the NACVA member.

A top-level investment banking advisory, Madison Street Capital opened its office a decade ago. Today, it ranks among the industry’s pioneering financial groups. It extends professional financial solutions to help middle-market companies throughout Africa, Asia, and North America. A long-term sponsor of disaster relief initiative and a series of philanthropic endeavors, Madison Street Capital has partnered with the United Way. Together, they’re effecting positive change throughout communities locally and internationally.

Madison Street Capital operates in five different facets of finance: corporate advisory, financial opinions, asset management, business valuation and financial reporting. It’s consulted for prominent global companies like CEMD Elevator, FabTrol Systems, Sila Capital, Loeb Term Solutions, GMS-Pavillion Properties, Renegade Industrial, Aveva Group, etc. The group’s COO/co-founder Anthony Marsala recently received global honors as an emerging leader. In addition, Madison Street Capital triumphed as this year’s Cross-border Deal champion as declared by the M&A Advisor. It received nominations for five categories and prevailed in Cross-border Deal transactions. Madison Street Capital thrives as a trusted partner that delivers a tailored experience, extensive relationships, and in-depth knowledge to help clients. The group consults for middle-market (private or public) companies across various sectors, including transportation, consumer retail/healthcare, technology, construction, pharmaceutical, oil/energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, agriculture, and media.

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How Madison Street Capital is Reshaping Investment Banking and Inspiring Growth

A recent article posted on reveals the great strides the leadership of Madison Street Capital has made in the industry. The news about the recognition of the Chief Operating Officer of the company by NACVA signals the big advantage the company enjoys over others: focused management. Anthony Marsala, the COO of Madison Street Capital, was among forty professionals who were selected for honor and awards during the 2015 Forty Under 40 program conducted by the National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts.

Anthony Marsala is a shrewd entrepreneur and leader, who has racked up experience in the investment banking industry. The NACVA program awards professionals aged below 40 years who have made notable advances in various industries. Anthony Marsala happens to be among those who made it to the final list after a competition that included more than 125 nominees was conducted. The program is hosted by an executive committee, whose role is to scrutinize the details of the entrants to choose those with the strongest profiles.

Education and experience in the industry
Anthony Marsala graduated from the University of Chicago, where he earned a degree in Information Systems and Finance. He also furthered his education and acquired a Master’s Diploma at the Said Business School (Oxford University). Anthony boasts of a wide experience record and is a member of NACVA as well as the American Association of Appraisers (APA).

He specializes in valuation and handles tasks in corporate finance and M&A. Along his successful career, Anthony has reviewed a large number of transactional and valuation engagements in multiple sectors and company sizes. Some of the areas he has worked on include the energy, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, medical devices, staffing, biotech and technology sectors.

His dedication to enhancing practicality and coming up with new solutions to problems saw him qualify for the 2015 NACVA Forty Under 40 Program, which awards emerging professionals who are offering unique solutions in various industries.

Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital offers investment banking solutions globally and strives to uphold integrity and professionalism. The company offers financial advisory services, valuation services, mergers and acquisitions and financial opinions to companies (publicly traded and private). These services are provided through in-depth analyses that come up with precise information that can help to streamline the operations of a company.

Over the years, Madison Street Capital has assisted clients in different industries to achieve their goals in time. The company boasts of experience and understanding in various areas of corporate governance and independence, which could be the reason it is among leading financial advisor companies. Having offices in Asia, North America and Africa has allowed Madison Street Capital to have a broader view of the market, thereby embracing the global market through networks. Learn more:

Mike Baur Fosters Partnerships to Help Start Ups

Mike Baur has brought his twenty years of experience in Swiss Banking to push the success of the Swiss Start Up Factory. The Swiss Start Up Factory was founded in 2014 and helps digital entrepreneurs to thrive. The Factory offers a Zurich-based three month program that offers everything an entrepreneur needs to get started. The package includes office space, coaching, mentoring, and networking.

In a move to further help entrepreneurs, Swiss Start Up Factory has partnered with Fusion, a Geneva based Fintech Accelerator, to collaborate on a project to help companies through the beginning stages. They will focus on French start ups, but the goal was to bring the Swiss German and French parts of Switzerland together. Both companies have a similar goal of helping start ups and entrepreneur through the beginning stages of building their businesses.

Founder of Fusion, Guillaume Dubray, states that Switzerland is a great opportunity for digital start ups. Start ups have their choice of hubs, development programs, and other resources. With their partnership, Dubray hopes to encourage the development of start ups in one of the most innovative and leading edge countries for digital start ups.

Co-Founder of the Swiss Start Up Factory, Mike Baur, states that this partnership is a step in the right direction. The biggest barrier these two companies face is the linguistic and location differences. They’re hoping that this collaboration will lead the way to more collaborations between different regions.

Swiss Start Up Factory collaborated again with CTI Invests, a company known for financing start ups. These two companies have launched a web site with videos and podcasts created by Swiss Starts Ups, offer training for start ups and co-organize events to help organize events. This partnership is strengthened by two members of each company, Mike Baur and Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, joining each team. They will work together on such events, like Swiss Start Up Day. This partnership will strengthen the digital start up landscape and foster the creativity of the talent in this country.

Swiss Start Up Factory employs the ideals needed for a start up company. They work collaboratively with their clients and partners to create the best situation for their clients and the start up community.

Why Choose Medicare Advantage Plan?

If you’re acquainted with the original Medicare program, then you understand that when you turn 65, you’ll receive certain benefits from the legislature. You probably don’t know as much about Medicare Advantage, which began in 1995. This was an initiative made by the national government to give individuals more alternatives. Private medical coverage organizations offer Medicare Advantage benefits, which the government manages.

The idea behind Medicare Advantage was to provide members of our society with high-level medical care so that they can enjoy a long, healthy life. The initiative was taken by InnovaCare, led by Richard Shinto (M.D, MBA), President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare and Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer.

Decoding medical coverage choices can be difficult for individuals. People who have paid into social security for 10 years meet the requirements for enrollment into Medicare at age 65. They will be enrolled and receive social security payments in installments.

Standard Medicare comes in two sections: A and B. Part A covers a segment of hospitalization costs, and Part B applies to specialist bills and other medicinal costs, for example, lab tests and some preventive screenings.

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Seniors should examine the care options in Medicare Part C, or Medicare Advantage. Such options are controlled by private insurance agencies and are managed by the government. These must offer a scope that is similar, yet unique to Medicare Parts A and B. Most include a prescription medication plan, which is a discretionary extra called Part D for seniors who keep Medicare. The Medicare Advantage plans are affordable. Seniors have to pay Medicare premiums and only one of the premium plans.

Regardless of whether Medicare Advantage costs more, it could be beneficial for seniors. Customers Of InnovaCare Health need to examine their needs and the options provided to them through the various plans. Factors that must be taken into consideration include their well-being, anticipated physical needs and financial plan.

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading providers of Medicare Advantage plans for seniors. Under the leadership of CEO Rick Shinto and CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) Penelope Kokkinides has introduced a range of plans and physician practice services that are tailored for Medicare Advantage participants.

You should discuss your needs with an experienced advisor Of InnovaCare Health or use one of the many offices, web and phone services available to assist seniors and their families in understanding the various plans.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

Securus Tech Shames Global Tel Link for Criminal Activity

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies, is the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies and inmates across North America. The Louisiana Public Service Commission released multiple reports that bring to light the crimes committed and breach of integrity by the inmate communications provider, Global Tel Link (GTL).

While they served the Louisiana Department of Corrections and provided telecommunication services to their inmates, the violations of GTL actions include over clocking their telephones by 15 or 36 seconds at correctional institutions; programmed telephones to rate calls higher than permitted by tariffs or the Louisiana Public Service Commission rate cap; and deliberately raising charges by various amounts to calls after the calls were rated.
Securus Tech CEO, Richard A. Smith, said on PR Newswire, he is offended when a carrier stoops so low as to overcharge Louisiana taxpayers a collective $1,243,000. He claims scamming customers is a violation and a cancer to their industry. Which is the reason Securus refuses to do business with Enron or Bernie Bernie Madoff, both went morally lost a long time ago.
It’s irrelevant that the report dates back to January 21, 1998. Time does not dissolve embarrassment and malpractice of GTL.
It is also revealed by PR Newswire that Securus will be reviewing the issues created by GTL in press releases over the next six months to shame them into acting with better conduct and higher integrity.
Securus America Technologies is committing to serving and connecting by providing emergency response, inmate communication services, monitoring services, and incident management.
The formal 17 page order No. U-20784-B Docket No. U-20784 can be found on the Securus Technologies website. Also visit


Lustgarten offers Best Advice as an Investment Banker

There are very few selfless investors in the financial sector. It is a passion to some but to the rest more and more profit making is the driving motive for others. Investment banking has been a right sort of financial advice in the financial sector. Investment bankers are specialized in offering services to various clients with high net worth funds. They often offer advice when required to individuals who had requested.

Investment banking has always been confused with many people in the financial sector. Investment banking should not be associated with ensuring the commercial banks to perform their services. The services provided by the investment bankers involve seeking funds to support their capital needs of their investments. Investment banks act as intermediaries between the borrowers and the depositors for funds. The investment banker is a well-earning career if well and strategically placed on the market.

To work as an investment banker, it requires an individual to acquire the right skills for better performances of the investment market. It will always be brilliant to adopt the proper experience so that an investment banker will be successful in the sector. Excellent skills are essential when offering advice to the clients who are seeking for an investment advice so that they can obtain the best out of their investments.

It is vital to look for the right investment banker when looking for the right investment banker. Martin Lustgarten is the best description of an investment banker who has changed the financial climate. He is a well-experienced manager and who has been involved in various institutions to offer the right financial advice. Most organizations who have worked closely with Martin have found out the exact definition of an investment banker.

Martin opened his investment banking institutions known as Lustgarten Company. The company has been involved in offering financial advice about acquisitions and mergers to various organizations. He has been termed as a professional who is not much pushed with profit gains but rather providing information that is vital in developing the economy. He is much aware of the trends in the market, and most institutions have benefited out his insider information.

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Cleansing Conditioner Changed This Blogger’s Life

I’ve always seen the commercials on QVC of the women with the beautiful hair. I often admired them from a far secretly wishing that I had the same great hair as they did but I could never seem to get products to work on my hair the same way they did. It was just a constant struggle to get amazing hair.
Recently, my favorite beauty blogger over at Bustle decided to do an article about her opportunity to give WEN hair By Chaz a try and her results were astonishing. For so long I had dreamed of the opportunity to be able to use the sephora marketed product myself so having the opportunity to read about somebody like me using the product really blew my mind.

So who exactly is behind Wen hair, it’s Chaz Dean. He is a stylist to the stars and he has long been giving women beautiful hair. There has been much speculation that his product really doesn’t work as well as he said it does but this beauty blogger put all those rumors to rest when she gave a break down of how good the product worked on his hair. If you ever had any doubt about Wen By Chaz.

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Online Reputation Management Can Change Your Life

Managing online reputation is a subject that many business and individuals are talking about. Having a positive and influential online reputation can lead to opportunities, and businesses want to give audiences their most sincere smile. A company’s image could be damage with a lot of bad press and publicity, so it is vital that the company repair any damage to their image. This is all done through a series of steps that make up reputation management.

Reveal, repair, and respond are the 3 letter R words associated with reputation management. The reputation management process reveals errors that may have happened. The reputation management plan repairs the errors at the source of the problem, and then responds to the public with a statement that corrects the errors.

In the digital era reputation management can be best classified as public relations damage control. With the sophistication of online sharing and downloading it is quite possible that a company’s sensitive information could reach the wrong hands with one click of the mouse. Reputation management makes sure that sensitive information and information the public is not supposed to see is not seen.

Reputation management firms also give companies recommendations on what they can do better. is a reputation management company based in the USA and their used to producing positive results through their reputation management services. has worked on thousands of reputation management projects and they’ve also managed the reputations of some Fortune 500 companies. makes a 100% commitment toward delivering their clients effective reputation management solutions.