Experiences with Wen

Wen is a haircare line invented for every type of hair. Produced by Celebrity Stylist Chaz Dean, this line of products puts a new spin on caring for your locks in the most healthful way possible.
Wen is a combination of shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment and is widely known and popular on sephora beauty market for transforming hard to handle locks into beautiful and lustrous strands.

In an article on Bustle which also appeared on wikipedia, writer and hair stylist Emily McClure discusses her personal experience with the popular conditioning product. Starting with day one she comments on how dirty her hair is from a busy day of working prior to her first wash with Wen. After washing with Wen the writer expresses her surprise that she didn’t see near as many hairs in the shower drain as she normally does. She goes on to say that her hair appeared more bouncy and shiny than before. As her experiment with the product continues through to day two she expresses her dislike that her hair was greasy the morning after her first shampoo with the product. However, she also says she felt it could’ve been conditioning treatment that wasn’t completely washed out from the night before. Days three through seven were a series of learning how to use the product and deciding if that product was a good fit for her. In conclusion she talked of how friends commented on how beautiful her hair looked and that WEN truly is a good product. Wen has revolutionized the hair care world and is a great product every woman should try.

Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

About Brian Bonar And His Endeavors To Improve Bellamy’s Escondido Restaurant Menu

Brian Bonar is one of the most notable businessmen in the current business world. Currently sitting at the top of Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept Inc as the CEO, Brian Bonar has had a very successful career as an entrepreneur and a financial expert. He is also the owner of Bellamy, a leading food house. Before he joined the world of business and entrepreneurship, he pursued an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde. Brian Bonar later graduated from Staffordshire University with a Masters’ in Business Administration. Some few years later he acquired his doctorate which acted as a door opener to his careers success.

So far Brian Bonar has worked as the head of several successful business ventures such as Smart-tek Automated Services Inc, Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc and The Amanda Co Inc. His over 30 years successful business career started at IBM, a world leading technology firm. He worked in this firm from April 1969 to March 1985 as a Procurement Manager.

He was responsible for the provision of motherboards to be used on various IBM PCs. He was also the Director of Engineering at QMS between April 1985 and June 1989. Brian Bonar also worked for Rastek Corporation as its Vice President covering Sales and Marketing and Adaptec as its Sales Manager. He was also the founder and chief executive officer of Bezier Systems, an SCSI-based printer producer.

Recently, Brian Bonar has been so engaged with his Bellamy food house. He has traveled across to the world to bring some of the best chefs from France to work here. The prominent French chef Patrick Ponsaty was one of his new catches.

This chef is a native of Toulouse, who has great experience in the kitchen. The is ranked among the best chefs in France. Brian Bonar placed him at his Escondido restaurant. Now this restaurant boasts of having some of the best French cuisines in the world. With Ponsaty at the kitchen, this restaurant is fast growing to attract numerous customers who would like to to taste the Armagnac Ponsaty refined meals.

Brian Bonar says that his vision is to offer his clients the best meals they can ever find. He said that he brought the best Frenchmen to his Bellamy kitchens so that their clients can experience a new touch on their menu. Over the years, it has been widely known that the French were among the best cooks in the whole world.

Brian Bonar says that that best is what he seeks to offer his clients and any amazing food lovers through his Bellamy food house. He added that his Escondido restaurant will soon have more variety of cuisines from other cultures as he seeks to expand the menu. He also thanked his customers for sticking with him and for their support since he came into the food market.

Freedom Pop’s President Talks about Company Expansion and Growth

FreedomPop is a free mobile and internet service provider that is headquartered in the U.S. This company has been in business since 2011 and it is rapidly expanding throughout the world. In January of 2016, Freedom Pop raised $50 million in funding to further develop its services. In an interview given by Freedom Pop’s president (Nicholas Constantinopoulos) the company is planning on expanding into different parts of the world and becoming one of the biggest mobile providers on the planet.

Mobile World Live correspondent Kavit Majithia gave an interview with Constantinopoulos and asked him a variety of different questions about his organization. One thing in particular that Constantinopoulos was questioned about was how the $50 million dollars would help FreedomPop to grow its businesses. Constantinopoulos told Majithia that the money will give them the ability to set up services in places such as Asia, Latin America and even in some parts of Africa.

FreedomPop’s president went on to say that Belgium’s test market did very well and the push to provide more services into Europe would become another focus of the company. Constantinopoulos has also explained that the technology and systems that are needed to expand Freedom Pop is also going to be improved with the use of the money.

Keep in mind that Freedom Pop provides their users with 200 voice minutes, 200MB of free internet use and 200 text messages. While this might seem like a lot of free services for a person to receive it is not. However, the amount of services that a person can receive from Freedom Pop is more than enough to meet their basic mobile needs.

Constantinopoulos also points out that his company is not affecting various free cellular and internet plans offered by the government. Since they use a different standards and VoiP systems to turn free calls into data this helps the company to minimize the cost of traditional phone calls. In other words, their services are cheaper because they send their calls and data over the internet.

Constantinopoulos eventually stated that the company is going to continue to branch out to other parts of the world. They expect to have a large portion of the population covered in various cities across the globe. Currently, the company has over 1 million subscribers and this number is expected to grow significantly within the next few years. You can find out more about this interview at Mobile World Live.

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New trend of leggings… Hit or miss?

Go to any college campus, gym, or just out in public on a chilly day. Especially in today’s day and age, you will find at least a handful of girls with those tight leggings. Yes, they are amazingly comfortable and just fits like a glove!

When it first came out, it was really bland. Just plain, old leggings that you would expect. Then came the printed leggings on Pando. Pretty cool, but they can get kinda old. Now, some are definitely hot and stylish, but some are just bleh.

Well, there is a new trend on JustFab on crunchbase that is up and coming in the world of leggings. Rachel Halliburton, Vice President of Marketing at Beyond Yoga, is predicting a new style of leggings that will incorporate “tasteful mesh insets, elevated prints and cutout,” highlighting the “cord and strap construction” which will give it a “peek-a-boo effect.” She has also said that they are looking to design their leggings using lingerie-inspired themes and polka dot mesh for the bubbly, summer season.

From my view, I think this idea is great. Check out the gallery here.

Some of these are absolutely perfect. The string mesh style on the bottom of the leggings gives it a simple, yet sophisticated look without giving up comfort. Also, I am really digging the minimalistic vibe; it makes the leggings not too distracting but gives it the accent that makes it pop out to your eyes.

So check it out, and let me know what you think of this new idea!

JustFab in matrixpartners is an online subscription fashion retailer that carries various selections of shoes, handbags, jewelry, and denim. If you are looking for the perfect outfit for a night out with your friends, or if you are looking for the perfect outfit for a hot date, JustFab is the right place. With their wide range of portfolio, you will find the style that will meet your needs.

Treat your dog with high quality food from Beneful

If you feel that your dog needs a healthier more nutritionally balanced pet food or simply want to offer a new flavor to your furry friend, Beneful has a solution for you. Below are some high-quality pet food options on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I with creative and unique flavor combinations. They are sure to be a hit for even the pickiest of pooches!

For a delicious wet food option, consider trying Beneful’s Tuscan Style Medley. This premium wet dog food contains a delicious blend of beef, carrots, rice, and spinach. One can of this food can be split into two meals for a medium sized dog or mixed into dry food for about four meals.

If your pup prefers dry food, consider the Purinastore Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals products. These products are completely nutritionally balanced and extremely antioxidant-rich which makes them ideal for all types of dogs in all stages of life. You can choose between beef, chicken, and salmon flavors. Bags are also available in 7 different sizes so you can grab just the right amount.

Do you have a new puppy in your life that needs special care and a healthy diet? Grab a bag of Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry dog food. This unique blend is meant for young growing dogs and includes a high amount of calcium and DHA. These two substances help promote healthy bone growth, brain development, and vision development. This food is made from high-quality ingredients including real chicken, which means a very tasty meal for your new friend!

Did you know that you can help keep your dog’s smile white and healthy while giving your pup a tasty treat? Beneful.com offers many varieties of treats specifically for this purpose! Healthy Smile dog treats come in many sizes and flavors, and also come in two different textures so they can do the best job possible cleaning plaque and bacteria from your pooch’s mouth while he or she enjoys a treat.

Choosing high-quality dog food for your pet means they will have a higher quality of life. These products will make your pets happy and healthy if used regularly!


Martin Lustagarten and Investment Banking

Investment banking is a branch of banking that is concerned with raising capital for corporations, governments and individuals who want to start or expand businesses. Banks that facilitate this type of banking are referred to as investments banks. The banks help broker deals between individuals and entities seeking funds, and private investors by underwriting debts and equity securities. Other than helping organizations gain access to investment capital, investment banks help facilitate exchange of stocks and bonds as well as merging, acquisition and reorganization of businesses. To help ensure professionalism in such business transactions, the banks employ high qualified individuals, who in business etiquette are known as investment bankers.

Investment bankers are required to attain at least an MBA from a government-approved institution. Upon starting working in investment bank, the experts are required to sign confidential forms and adhere to the bank’s code of conduct. These financial specialists must be honest and conceal clients’ information from outside parties. In most cases, investment bankers analyze the macro and micro environments of a project, and then give necessary advice to clientele. Additionally, they help price stocks and bonds, advertise securities, and sell the securities. They assess the market and know the right place to find individual investors, and then link entities with such investors. Investment banks use these experts to find companies holding Initial Public Offering, or IPO, and then buy, price and sell securities.

One recognized investment banker is Martin Lustgarten. Lustgarten is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten, Martin. The experienced business leader and philanthropist was born in 1959. The head office of Lustgarten, Martin is in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Lustgarten, Martin and its founder help secure financial capital for people having challenges accessing capital. Martin is respected and well known throughout the United States of America and across the world. This makes it possible for the investment banker to have access to alternative sources of capital. Martin has extensive knowledge in the financial field, and thus, he gives excellent advice on financial transactions and exchange of securities. Martin Lustgarten is known to be avid for vintage watches and other old valuable items. Follow Lustgarten on Instagram to find more about his personal life.

Healthy Dog Food Takes Over Store Shelves

My dogs are more than four legged best friends to my family. We treat them as actual family members and just like our child, we would do nearly anything for them. That includes feeding them the best food available. I’m more fixated on this issue than my husband so I’m frequently plugged into the dog food community to find out which products might have an ingredient that isn’t the best or can cause health issues if taken long term. 

Freshpet is the newest dog food brand that has come across my radar and I have to tell you that when they added fresh in the brand name it was not just a marketing tactic. It truly is a revolutionary dog food that I’m glad to have bought for my dogs. Freshpet is really taking their company to the next level to go above their household name competitors.

They have even introduced a refrigerated dog food line. So while you are out getting groceries for tonight’s dinner you can pick up Fido’s food as well. It’s also tempting to grab a can and eat with your pup. That’s how close Freshpet is getting to the “eat like your owner” business strategy. Their food doesn’t have that stale canned smell like other brands. 

The only thing that hinders me from sticking with Freshpet regularly is that I am already committed to Beneful.

I have been a firm customer to their brand for nearly a decade and I’d hate to go off to Freshpet because then I’d feel like a fair weather friend when Beneful and I have been like life long friends. Beneful was one of the first big name dog food brands to start creating healthier food for our four legged friends. 

They have included new recipes and added plenty of different types of protein so your pup isn’t stuck eating the same recipe every day.

My dogs’ personal favorite seems to be Beneful  beef stew product. It has beef, obviously, but it is also jam packed with vegetables such as carrots and green beans. Sometimes my grocery store is out of the beef stew prepared meals so my fall back go to food is their salmon product. It’s a dry dog food but the protein offered is salmon. Carrots and green beans are also in the recipe but sweet potatoes are also added. 

While Freshpet is doing a great job at starting a revolution in the dog food industry it seems that the brands that were there first are catching up with the times and that’s good enough for me and my pups.

Thoe Halvorssen Explains Socialism And Reveals His Own Stance On The Presidential Election

Thor Halvorssen used his appearance on “The Intelligence Report” with Trish Regan on Fox Business to explain his own experiences of socialism amid the rise of self described socialist Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator has spent the majority of his political career standing as an independent candidate, but has been conducting a campaign to overturn the dominance of Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination; socialism is often used as a part of the campaign of Bernie Sanders who points his supporters to the success of northern European governments bringing socialist policies into their daily workings.

The Presidential campaign has brought a number of anti-establishment candidates to the fore, including Sanders and Republican Donald Trump; Thor Halvorssen was quick to point out his own view that both Trump and former Secretary of State Clinton could not be supported by the human rights activist because of their own connections and views. Sanders is seen by Halvorssen as the only mainstream candidate who does not have a history of connections with those committing human rights abuses or makes comments seen as difficult for a liberal to agree with.

Thor Halvorssen revealed much more during his interview than just his own political backing during the Presidential campaigns, instead he explained just why he felt socialism was not always the bad idea it is painted as. Socialist ideas are brought into many different areas of life, including academia and the economy; Thor Halvorssen continued to explain how his own life had been affected by socialism under the rule of various Venezuelan leaders. Thor Halvorssen has also explained the problems of socialism, but also revealed his belief that combining socialist policy with other political ideas to prove a success for the communities of different nations in Europe and South America.

Coriant – Mulit-Level Networking Solutions

Coriant’s faced paced, multi-level marketing networking solutions brings them to one of the leading companies in the industry. They are a global company that provides services to well over 100 countries throughout the world, and strive to bring the market to an all new level of expertise and experience. Their high quality staff endures years of experience throughout the industry and ensure to bring quality excellence to each measure of business. They strive to provide exceptional support to all businesses and include all types of networking solutions to mobile devices and phones, governmental facilities, utility companies and all other professional business practices. They continue to provide excellence with the help of their CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir.

Kheradpir brings years of experience to the company as he has worked for many high end networking companies such as Verizon and Juniper, which he was the CEO of as well. Acting as the Chairman of the Board for Coriant, he utilizes his skills and years of hard work to bring the best services to the company. They offer high end connections that are very fast and reliable, providing tools that can be used as a back up to some of the most important, valuable data available to many high end companies.

With over 28 years’ worth of experience, Shaygan Kheradpir also brings a financial background to Coriant. He started his career at GTE Corporation after receiving his bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering. He went on to get his doctorate degree at a later date. He graduated from Cornell University and now holds multiple patents with a variety of talents from networking solutions to financial technological advances. Coriant is part of the top Tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSPs) which is a very valuable place to be. His experience, along with the highly experienced staff members and representatives will bring the company to a high standard of held reputation, which it already exhibits. Their services are across the board of the most excellence and reliable telecommunication and networking solutions that can be offered. Companies will find that Coriant will be their go to reliable company that they can ensure receives the data and back up solutions that are required to stay up to date with the latest advances. Coriant knows how fast technology can change, and they are one step ahead of the process, allowing your business to run functionally smooth for many years to come.

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George Soros Looks to Mobilize Latinos and Immigrants to Vote


NYTimes.com recently posted an article titled “Soros and Other Liberal Donors to Fund Bid to Spur Latino Voters.” Liberal donors like George Soros plan to spend up to $15 million to get Latino and other immigrant communities vote this fall against Republican candidates like Donald Trump. This effort will be organized through a new political action committee called Immigrant Voters Win PAC.

This is expected to be the largest Latino and immigrant voter turnout mobilization effort among Democrats. They will focus their efforts in Colorado, Florida and Nevada where Latino and Asian immigrant populations are growing the fastest. Immigrant Voters Win PAC is working with other groups, such as the Latino Victory Project, to encourage immigrant Democratic voters to get out and vote and to persuade immigrant swing voters to vote for Democrats.

Republican voters have shown a lot of enthusiasm for their candidates, but Democratic voters have not shown the same enthusiasm which is a concern for Democrat strategists. Millions of Democratic voters have not voted so far during the Democratic primaries that features Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Democratic strategists are concerned that President Obama’s unfulfilled promise of overhauling the immigration system while having deported more than two million immigrants has discouraged Democratic and swing immigrant voters from going to the polls.

Republicans have their own immigrant voter mobilization efforts underway with the Libre Initiative. The Libre Initiative is a right-leaning Latino voter group financed by the Koch brothers, and it plans on spending up to $10 million through November. Both Democrats and Republican out looking to take advantage of the demographic surge in the Latino and Asian populations that is changing the face of US presidential politics.

George Soros will be contributing $5 million to the Immigrant Voters Win PAC, and he is expected to contribute a total of over $13 million to various other liberal PACs during this election season. Mr. Soros has long supported educating and organizing immigrants through his Open Society Foundation. He has a sympathetic connection with immigrants because in 1947, he and his family fled the Soviet occupation of his native Hungary. He is concerned about the anti-immigrant rhetoric that some political candidates are talking about and finds it offensive.

Latino Democratic groups have been concern about the lack of funding they have received over the years from large donors like George Soros. George Soros and other donors will be directly funding these groups in order to make sure they have the funds to influence the outcome of upcoming elections. The complete NYTimes.com can be read at http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/10/us/politics/george-soros-and-other-liberal-donors-to-fund-bid-to-spur-latino-voters.html?_r=2.