How to Protect Your Online Business Reputation

Consumers surf the Internet for fun, games, entertainment, work, and to find information about a company or service. Certainly, they will avoid any company or service that has one or more negative comments. People rely on that online information to help them make decisions about buying. Therefore, a company’s online reputation is vital to their existence and longevity because of the influence of those online reviews and remarks. The fact is that the majority of people will continue to base their buying decisions on those online reviews. Therefore, online reputation management is becoming increasingly important.

Fixing Negative Comments
Today, the average consumer has a voice and opinion that they like to share with online friends. Some provide their opinions because they think that they are providing a vital service to others, while others simply want to vent their anger about a company’s products or services. The fact is that even one negative comment might surface in the search results of a targeted company and ruin their sales and image. The Internet is a great resource and provides lots of helpful information. The Internet has also made it extremely easy for some consumers to spread negative news about a company. Therefore, it is important for the company to work quickly to bury negative news before it gets out of control.

How to Bury Negative Press
Reputation management experts devised a wide range of tools to take down those negative comments. Often, it just takes time to bury negative search results. A non professional might take a year to take down even one negative comment on the search results. However, the professionals work quickly and those results might disappear overnight. Reputation experts suggest taking building a profile on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. The social profiles on those high profile sites tend to rise to the top of the search engines and force down any negative press. Another way to bury bad news is to leave comments on message boards, forums, and blogs. These rise quickly in search engine results too.

Bury Bad Articles
Did you know that negative search engine results are costing you money? Sadly, most company’s do not react fast enough and let the negative press destroy their company. It is important to act fast. A quick turnaround will defeat that bad press. Bury Bad Articles are the online experts at getting rid of negative comments about our clients. We can help you. Contact us for more information.

Specifics Things Entrepreneurs Can Do To Build and Maintain Solid Online Reputation

In modern times, online reputation is a fundamental factor that influences the future of the business. If you are on a budget, this post courtesy of Online Reputation presents an opportunity to learn specific things that a small business can do to build and maintain solid online reputation. In fact, they are the things that every business should do, whether they have online reputation professionals or not.

Social Media Accounts

Even if you have no plans for posting anything immediately, it is vital you own the business or brand name in all social media before somebody else takes them. Then you should link all your social media profiles together and link them back to your website. Update your social media profile with complete description regarding your business or brand, and adhere to relevant keywords that will help search engine find you.

Multiple Domains

While your business or brand might have a website featuring the domain name as the name of the venture, there is much more to be done. You can buy domains and create variations such as or your Also, make sure you have acquired main domains extension such as .com, .org, and .net to avoid anyone else taking them. Your domains names should reflect search phrases that potential clients are likely to use while searching. Sometimes you can even buy a domain name with search phrase and link it to a landing page on your site. All your sites should contain relevant information inclusive of videos and pictures.

Optimize your content for search engines

The primary goal of creating a website is to avail pertinent information that user are searching for. If Google recognizes that your site is relevant to users who are searching, your site will be rewarded with higher organic ranking in search engine results. The secret is to create content that is valuable and helpful. Besides, SEO techniques will come handy.

Be proactive

Many businesses hire online reputation advisors after searching for themselves and seeing negative results. Probably by that time, a lot of damage has been done, and it may take a while to fix a bad situation. For any business, the goal should be to dominate the top 20 spot of Google search results with accurate and positive information that reflect your business or brand.



The Professional Community Names Brian Bonar As The Executive Of The Year

According to Spokeo, Brian Bonar’s commitment to excellence has yet again earned him another prestigious honor. The Cambridge Publishing has named the Chairman and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation as the Executive of the Year for the 2010/2011 financial year. In the awards, Brian represented the financial sector.

It is a great honor for one to be named as Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. It means that an individual was able to outperform the many other executives within the financial sector of the economy. Apart from being the Executive of the Year, he will also appear in the prestigious Cambridge Who’s Who registry. Making it to this list is usually a difficult task.

Two male and two female nominees achieve this feat. Everyone who is nominated for the list, before he or she is included, has to be vetted. This rigorous process involves examining one’s leadership abilities, academic achievements and professional accomplishments. To this end, individuals who end up on the list are highly respected professionals in finance world.

When the registry has been completed, Cambridge Publishing goes on to compare the accomplishments made by the individuals who make up the list. From the huge list, only four outstanding individuals are selected. These are two female and two male executives. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

These four professionals are then named executives of the year for each discipline. This meticulous process makes the individual quite respectable in their professional careers.

Apart from being the Chairman and the CEO of Dalrada Finacial Corporation, Brian Bonar also holds executive positions in other leading companies. These companies include Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc and Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. He serves as the President of the former while working as both the chairman and the chief executive officer of the latter.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a 69-year-old executive manager. His success as an executive in different firms has been informed by teamwork and hard work. As a steward, Brian has always embraced transformative leadership. Bonar holds an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian pursued his undergraduate degree from the esteemed James Watt Technical College before joining Stafford University for his master’s degree.

Bonar started his career life as a Procurement Manager at IBM in 1969. In 1985, he made a career move to QMS where he served as the Director of Engineering. His position entailed managing a team of engineers charged with software and hardware development.

Bonar also worked at Rastek Corporation and Adaptec. In addition, Brian Bonar founded Bezier Systems. Currently, Bonar resides in San Diego where he manages the day-to-day operations of Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept.

Insurance Cover and Other Factors to consider before Renting out your House on Airbnb

Many people see Airbnb as a way to make extra money by renting out their homes or part of it to short-term guests. Properties can also be let out via Airbnb for various reasons including a desire to raise some money to cover part of your mortgage or your traveling expenses.

When all goes well, Airbnb can be a good partner to homeowners wishing to make some money by hosting temporary tenants. It is worthwhile, however, to consider some of the risks that you expose your property when renting out.

Before signing any contract/agreement with Airbnb or other rental companies, there are several things you need to consider. Read more:

To begin with, your property might be rented out to unruly people who may leave it in a bad condition. Any destruction caused by temporary tenant may leave you with financial wounds. This is because your home insurance may refuse to cover the damages.

Another thing you need to consider is the risk of your temporary tenants suffering injuries or theft while at your house. Many home insurance plans do not include temporary tenants in their covers. This means that any destruction or theft of your guests’ property or injuries they suffer while in your house will fall under your liability.

Considering that renting out your house may expose you to many uninsured risks, it is plausible to consult asset management experts before agreeing to it. Such an expert is Richard Dwayne Blair. Richard is the owner of Wealth Solutions Inc. an asset management company based in Texas.

Wealth Solutions offers advice on financial planning, funds information, and other asset management services to high net worth citizens. Richard has extensive experience in securities management that spans over 22 years. He started his career at the University of Huston where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in finance.

Richard also holds numerous certifications including one from retirement income certified professionals (RICP) and is a registered investment advisor. His wide range of skills have been acquired throughout his career, which spans across investment, finance, wealth management, and banking sectors.

Richard Blair is also known for his contribution towards community empowerment. He created Wealth Solutions with the aim of providing tailor-made investments and objective advice to his clients.

Richard has over $55 million in assets under management and has an enviable reputation for offering innovative wealth management solutions. Wealth Solutions Inc. offers solutions in retirement planning and financial planning.

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IAP Worldwide Offers Innovative Solutions

IAP Worldwide offers some of the most innovative communication networks, innovative technology, as well as renewable energy options. IAP Worldwide Services is a company that was founded in 1953 to offer not only ingenuity to clients, but also excellence, leadership, and integrity. Even from the beginning, IAP Worldwide Services has been making plans to help build the future. This pioneering company has always had a purpose and even worked to support the first space launch that was enacted by the United States. Since this, IAP Worldwide Services has helped and supported a total of 2,500 space launches. These space launches include the manned shuttle program as well as some of the early air-breathing missiles.

With over 60 years of being the leading company in engineering and communication solutions, IAP Worldwide Services has now taken an interest in renewable energy. The expert solutions of IAP Worldwide Services is currently collaborating of some of the largest electric companies in the world. With this collaboration, IAP Services is able to keep each client up and running without breaking the bank. This partnership with countries around the world not only provides electricity to even some of the darkest regions around the world, but also has restored temporary power to some of the most devastated regions around the world.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

IAP: Home

IAP has now become the best company to turn to for not only temporary power restoration, but also for permanent power solutions and services. With over 2,000 employees working for this company in over 25 countries, the lead members of this company are hoping to expand even further in the nearby future. Currently IAP Worldwide Services is working hard to also provide renewable energy which has become a more reliable and clean source of energy. Renewable energy is not only cost-effective, but is also sensitive to the environment. Renewable energy, though expensive in the short-term, is non-polluting and never running out. Renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, biomass sources, as well as wind and water is what should be used for the future of electricity.

Each and every expert that works at IAP Services embodies excellence in every single solution that is created. At this company, it is well understood that there is no one size fits all solution to a problem, but instead a challenge requires deep thinking as well as creativity. As a leading company in technology, the growth of the company is expected.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

Are WEN products by Chaz worth the hype?

I’m pregnant and on bed rest so I’ve been watching a lot of TV and after so many infomercials I started to wonder how good Wen hair products by Chaz Dean really are. This is when I googled and found an article by Emily McClure on, you can read the article yourself by following this link

Basically WEN products claim to give you celebrity quality hair and this woman who works as a salon hairstylist put the product to a seven day challenge. The WEN product she used was the Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner. It is meant to be an all-in-one product so you are not using separate shampoos, conditioners, and finishing products on your hair. Think of a salon quality Pert Plus of the 1980’s. The author had naturally thin and fine hair like my own so I was curious of her experiment and the results. She was looking for what the product promised moisture, bounce, and shine. She used the product for seven days straight and documented the results daily. On day one she was skeptical especially for the amount of product she was required to use per the directions on the bottle. However, to her surprise she noted that her hair did feel thicker within minutes of using the product. As the week continued she was amazed at how soft and full her hair looked and she did comment that less strands were clogging up her shower drain. I can completely relate to that observation. By day six her friends complimented her on how shiny her hair was. Finally by day seven she a hair care professional came to the conclusion that WEN products by Chaz Dean were worth the hype and she would be using them on her own hair in the future. Wen hair products can be purchased on Total beauty and the healthy hair kit is available on Sephora.

FAQ page:

Richard Blair’s Advice on Wealth Management and Wealth Solutions

Renting property through AirBNB is a new trend for quick money for property owners, however there are risks involved with this type of activity.

You should incorporate the possible risks when thinking about renting on AirBNB such as liability for injuries, damage to your property or that surrounding your house, theft, illegal drug or other activities on your property. Additionally, some tenants have found ways around paying all together.

Insurance coverage is largely non-existant for short-term renting like AirBNB.

The protection given through AirBNB is only activated if you have exhausted all of your own resources!

If you are ok with these types of risks, you should still speak with a qualified insurance handler or investment manager. Richard Dwayne Blair who works with Wealth Solutions Inc. can help you understand your choices and give solid advice that is tailored to your exact needs and situation. Blair is the owner of the Austin, TX company and has been involved in capital management for 22 years. Currently, he operates with over $55 million under his management.

The company offers collaborative and customized strategies that include:

• Professional and trusted expert financial advice.
• Personally tailored investing goals.
• Customized asset solutions.
• 24 hour access to options with investments.
• Top tier security within accounts.

Blair holds the following certifications
vRegistered Investment Advisor (RIA)
Certified Annuity Specialist® (CAS®)
Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™ (CES™)
Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS®)
Certified Income Specialist™ (CIS™)
Certified Tax Specialist™ (CTS™)
Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®)

Richard Blair’s dedication to financial and wealth management planning has driven him to perpetually educate himself on the current and cutting edge trends and analyses offered within the financial sector industry. While in his early years in the University of Houston, he has had a passion for informing, educating and assisting others through optimizing their personal financial goals. This passion has propelled him into the finance sector industry immediately after graduating from University of Houston and has led him to build Wealth Solutions in the year 1994. The company offers innovative and professional financial strategies for investment portfolios with an aim to minimize taxes, optimize benefits, produce real estate investing ideas, and creating robust income streams.

Philip Delhi Interview on Entrepreneur Podcast

Recently, Philip Delhi who is the U.S Money Reserve president showed up for an interview with host Eric Dye of Entrepreneurial Podcast Networks Enterprise radio ( EPN enterprise radio) to discuss about the gold market and his amazing leadership skills.

EPN Enterprise radio is a show that creates a platform for small business owners, successful business executives and entrepreneurs to share their ideas, latest services and products created, strategies as well as experiences.

This interview focused on several areas including Philips’ leadership background, his effective leadership skills, strong customer service of U.S Money Reserve and the future expectations from the gold market among others.

His Success in the Modern Era

Following Philip Delhi’s creation of 50 States Quarter Program, he is considered as the most influential and accomplished directors of the U.S Mint. Additionally, he was on the forefront of the formation of the first-ever platinum coin issued by the U.S government. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Philip recalls in the interview that during his tenure, the U.S Mint transformed to greater heights. Initially this agency was pretty downwards but under his direction the agency transformed to being a real entrepreneurial agency.

Philip Delhi took part in the overhaul of a six year commitment that was aimed at improving customer service in the U.S Mint. Eventually, this firm emerged to be the very best within the American business basing on the quality of customer service that was being given.

His efforts in U.S Money Reserve

According to their page, under Delhi’s management, U.S Money Reserve has managed to be among the largest distributors of precious metals in the United States. His commitment and entrepreneurial principles have ensured proper customer satisfaction within the firm.

Recently, this firm began the IRA, a self-directed program for precious metals which allows customers hold physical gold for the benefits of a rise in gold prices as well as a way to protect wealth for retirement purposes.

During the interview, Philip encouraged consumers to choose on U.S minted silver, platinum and gold coins. This is simply because they are backed up by the U.S government and they are legal. The U.S minted gold coins guarantee you purity, weight as well as gold content. Additionally, expected volatility in markets is likely to cause price increases in gold.

Under his management, U.S Money Reserve has managed to serve hundreds of thousands of clients and ensured their total satisfaction. This company goes beyond the industry standards by creating long lasting relationship with customers thus building a good reputation.

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Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum

Where Is Madison Street Capital Headed In The Next Five Years?

The NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts) honors distinguished associates and organizations that have made notable contributions to their community(s). According to and other digital media outlets, Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital co-founding father/COO made the list last year. The CTI (Consultants Training Institute) and the NACVA organized an executive panel to select the top achievers of 125 nominees. Both executive bodies strive to identify highly qualified leaders across various facets of the financial industry. Largely, these visionaries are experts in financial consulting or accounting. The categories focused on included mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, expert witness testimony, related professions, litigation consulting and financial forensics in conjunction with the 40 Under Forty program. Popular digital news magazines: NACVA Association News, The Value Examiner, QuickReadBuzz Blog, etc. featured the top achievers and their career achievements.

Anthony Marsala has committed hours of community service and executive duty to the finance industry throughout his career. A former Loyola University-Chicago scholar, Mr. Marsala studied Information Systems and Finance. In addition, Oxford University Said Business School honored him with an MBA in Strategy. Chiefly, Mr. Marsala has a specialization in merger and acquisitions, business valuation and corporate finance. As Chicago’s Madison Street Capital COO/co-founder, he played a pivotal role in cementing the group’s international launch. Today, Madison Street Capital manages an extensive global portfolio across Asia, Europe, and Africa. Globally, Mr. Marsala is an ASA (American Society of Appraisers) and the NACVA member.

A top-level investment banking advisory, Madison Street Capital opened its office a decade ago. Today, it ranks among the industry’s pioneering financial groups. It extends professional financial solutions to help middle-market companies throughout Africa, Asia, and North America. A long-term sponsor of disaster relief initiative and a series of philanthropic endeavors, Madison Street Capital has partnered with the United Way. Together, they’re effecting positive change throughout communities locally and internationally.

Madison Street Capital operates in five different facets of finance: corporate advisory, financial opinions, asset management, business valuation and financial reporting. It’s consulted for prominent global companies like CEMD Elevator, FabTrol Systems, Sila Capital, Loeb Term Solutions, GMS-Pavillion Properties, Renegade Industrial, Aveva Group, etc. The group’s COO/co-founder Anthony Marsala recently received global honors as an emerging leader. In addition, Madison Street Capital triumphed as this year’s Cross-border Deal champion as declared by the M&A Advisor. It received nominations for five categories and prevailed in Cross-border Deal transactions. Madison Street Capital thrives as a trusted partner that delivers a tailored experience, extensive relationships, and in-depth knowledge to help clients. The group consults for middle-market (private or public) companies across various sectors, including transportation, consumer retail/healthcare, technology, construction, pharmaceutical, oil/energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, agriculture, and media.

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How Madison Street Capital is Reshaping Investment Banking and Inspiring Growth

A recent article posted on reveals the great strides the leadership of Madison Street Capital has made in the industry. The news about the recognition of the Chief Operating Officer of the company by NACVA signals the big advantage the company enjoys over others: focused management. Anthony Marsala, the COO of Madison Street Capital, was among forty professionals who were selected for honor and awards during the 2015 Forty Under 40 program conducted by the National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts.

Anthony Marsala is a shrewd entrepreneur and leader, who has racked up experience in the investment banking industry. The NACVA program awards professionals aged below 40 years who have made notable advances in various industries. Anthony Marsala happens to be among those who made it to the final list after a competition that included more than 125 nominees was conducted. The program is hosted by an executive committee, whose role is to scrutinize the details of the entrants to choose those with the strongest profiles.

Education and experience in the industry
Anthony Marsala graduated from the University of Chicago, where he earned a degree in Information Systems and Finance. He also furthered his education and acquired a Master’s Diploma at the Said Business School (Oxford University). Anthony boasts of a wide experience record and is a member of NACVA as well as the American Association of Appraisers (APA).

He specializes in valuation and handles tasks in corporate finance and M&A. Along his successful career, Anthony has reviewed a large number of transactional and valuation engagements in multiple sectors and company sizes. Some of the areas he has worked on include the energy, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, medical devices, staffing, biotech and technology sectors.

His dedication to enhancing practicality and coming up with new solutions to problems saw him qualify for the 2015 NACVA Forty Under 40 Program, which awards emerging professionals who are offering unique solutions in various industries.

Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital offers investment banking solutions globally and strives to uphold integrity and professionalism. The company offers financial advisory services, valuation services, mergers and acquisitions and financial opinions to companies (publicly traded and private). These services are provided through in-depth analyses that come up with precise information that can help to streamline the operations of a company.

Over the years, Madison Street Capital has assisted clients in different industries to achieve their goals in time. The company boasts of experience and understanding in various areas of corporate governance and independence, which could be the reason it is among leading financial advisor companies. Having offices in Asia, North America and Africa has allowed Madison Street Capital to have a broader view of the market, thereby embracing the global market through networks. Learn more: