Online Reputation Management Can Change Your Life

Managing online reputation is a subject that many business and individuals are talking about. Having a positive and influential online reputation can lead to opportunities, and businesses want to give audiences their most sincere smile. A company’s image could be damage with a lot of bad press and publicity, so it is vital that the company repair any damage to their image. This is all done through a series of steps that make up reputation management.

Reveal, repair, and respond are the 3 letter R words associated with reputation management. The reputation management process reveals errors that may have happened. The reputation management plan repairs the errors at the source of the problem, and then responds to the public with a statement that corrects the errors.

In the digital era reputation management can be best classified as public relations damage control. With the sophistication of online sharing and downloading it is quite possible that a company’s sensitive information could reach the wrong hands with one click of the mouse. Reputation management makes sure that sensitive information and information the public is not supposed to see is not seen.

Reputation management firms also give companies recommendations on what they can do better. is a reputation management company based in the USA and their used to producing positive results through their reputation management services. has worked on thousands of reputation management projects and they’ve also managed the reputations of some Fortune 500 companies. makes a 100% commitment toward delivering their clients effective reputation management solutions.

Just Fab Fashion Begins at Your Toes

The JustFab fashion website offers shoes, apparel and bags in a huge variety of styles for anyone

Begin by taking a personal style quiz. This fun quiz will allow Just Fab to suggest styles that are just right for you. Just Fab offers terrific bargains for their paid VIP members as well as rewards for purchases. One perk for new paid VIP members is the opportunity to get two fashion forward pairs of shoes for $39.95. That includes free shipping and free returns. Read more: JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

Women and children will find the newest and most interesting lines of clothing with this online retailer. Just Fab owns its own fashion label and has its own designers so that it can produce cutting edge fashion at an outstanding pace.

In 2013 Just Fab and Shoe Dazzle, both online fashion companies, merged to form what is said to be the largest fashion and shoe subscription buying service in the world. The fact that the styles are only available online creates a faster turnaround for new styles at a lower expense. There are no brick and mortar versions of Just Fab.

Shopping online is an upcoming trend. It saves time for the consumer and allows them to shop at their leisure. The Just Fab shopping website can be compared to Forever 21 or H&M fashions. Styles are new and cutting edge. Designers curate fashions to each customer based on personality and style profiles established by a fun quiz format. Read more: JustFab Promo Codes: 75% Off Coupon, 2016

The designers that produce the styles for Just Fab work for the company. The fact that Just Fab does not have to find outside designers or maintain a brick and mortar presence in malls and shopping centers means that they can produce high quality, fresh fashion at a savings for consumers.

Join the Just Fab shopping experience. Whether you are a seasoned shopper or are new to online shopping you will be pleased to become a Just Fab VIP. Your first shoe order as a new customer will be two great styles, selected for your taste and lifestyle for the low price of $39.95. Each month you will be offered other items for your monthly subscription or you will be allowed to “skip the month”. You may skip as often as you like and only buy what truly appeals to you. Shipping is free, as are returns if something just is not right with your order.

Just Fab, with its partner Shoe Dazzle lets you have up to date fashion chosen just for your taste and lifestyle. Your items come directly to you and you earn rewards for every purchase. Just Fab fashion is an ideal way to shop, from your toes all the way up to your crown.

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George Soros Fund Management News

George Soros Fund Management Shifts Investment Stakes into Stocks the End of March 2016

George Soros encouraged investors to invest into precious metals, especially gold, earlier in 2016. According to a report filed by the George Soros Fund Management Firm to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the fund reduced its investments into stock in the United States. Bloomberg reported that Mr. Soros “cut back his U.S. stock investments over 30 percent,” on May 16th, 2016. George Soros wagered his investments against equities and betted on gold, which he suggested to investors and spectators months ago. In January of this year, Mr. Soros informed a forum to be carefully of China’s economy because of the yuan devalue and value reduction in equities.

The SEC report filed by the Soros Fund Management disclosed the firm owns bearish contract options of 2.1 million share stake in SPDR 500 ETF Trust, which had a face value of $431 million the end of March. The exchange traded fund trust tracks index for Standard & Poor′s 500. The report also revealed that Mr. George Soros purchased bullish contract options on 1.05 million shares in the SPDR Gold Trust. The largest investment the Soros Fund took a stake in for gold, was Barrick Gold Corporation. The fund bought 1.7 percent of the corporation, which is the biggest holding listed in the United States. Read more at

George Soros Fund Management Firm purchased stakes, as well as sold certain stakes in the technology, transportation, and industrial sectors. The fund sold stakes in Level 3 Communications, Inc., Delta Airlines, Endo International, and Dow Chemical. The stakes sold for Level 3 Communications and Dow Chemical was worth $334 million. As of March 31st, 2016, the asset management firm reported that holdings in the fund fell by 37 percent. By the end of the third quarter in 2016, the total holdings in the fund was $3.5 billion.

Mr. George Soros predicted early during the year that China is facing an economic downturn, which will have an impact on world economies. He pointed out various signs of the troubled Asian economy involving equities and devalued currency. His decision to sell stock stakes in equities and purchase precious metal stakes was based upon his observation of the global markets. The gambles he takes in international economies has paid off in the past. Mr. Soros got his greatest break when he betted again the British pound back, in 1992.

George Soros Fund Management Firm is a family and privately owned hedge fund company in the State of New York. The fund now manages the Soros family wealth after previous investors were bought out nearly five years ago. Not only did the Soros Fund sell and purchase stock stakes, but they also reduced particular shares of stock in companies, including Alphabet and Facebook. Read more at

Looting in Venezuela as Economic Crisis Deepens

Deepening economic crisis is taking its toll on the Venezuelan people. There are shortages of nearly everything as the country lacks hard currency and tries to control prices. Recently, Venezuelans took to the streets and began looting as The Guardian portrays.
These weren’t large screen TVs or luxury goods. Expert Danilo Diaz Granados basic necessities such as flour, chickens, and even underwear were looted. Those who don’t undertake looting, stand in long lines at supermarkets to secure the basic stuff.

During another reported looting, a truck delivering salt and shampoo was robbed. The Venezuelan Observatory for Social Conflict reported over 100 instances of looting in the first quarter of 2016.

“As the crisis gets worse, looting is bound to increase” added Granados. Even before the current crisis, Venezuela suffered from lots of crime, making it among the most unsafe countries in the world. What concerns the most people is not the looting but increase in violent crime.


Fabletics Gets the Athleisure Trend

Athleisure has become such a popular fashion trend now, that companies are falling all over themselves to enter the market. It seems like a new athleisure retailer is hitting the market on everyday now. The demand for athleisure is high, but that does not necessarily mean that everyone understands what the fashion trend is really about. Athleisure certainly does not mean wearing sweaty gym clothes into a serious work meeting or meeting a date for the first time in sneakers and tight spandex at a fancy restaurant for dinner. Rather, athleisure is about embracing comfort and versatility in clothing so that you could wear the same clothes to a yoga class that you wear for errands around town. By throwing on a fashionable coat over top of a spandex top and crop leggings, you are perfectly dressed to make your rounds around town now without being called a slob. Athleisure is likely catching on like wildfire for busy women everywhere because it affords them the freedom to tackle multiple tasks throughout their hectic day without having to change their clothes several times. Although yoga pants may never be acceptable to wear for a corporate job interview, there is nothing wrong with going from your yoga class to grocery shopping in the same pair of comfortable pants.
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Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night
Fabletics on Pinterest

Fabletics is one of the companies that truly understands what women love about the athleisure trend. It prides itself on making fun, trendy athleisure options for women of all different shapes and sizes so that they can enjoy working out and living a generally healthy lifestyle. Co-founder of the fitness fashion company, Kate Hudson, said that the concept for the company came from her desire to help other women embrace living healthy and staying active. She wanted to make affordable, fun clothes to help them to do so. To this end, Fabletics maintains very high levels of quality in its construction and is still able to offer its outfit options at very reasonable prices. Fabletics is widely recognized for also being a trend-setter in terms of its mix of prints and patterns to produce cutting-edge outfits.

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Bob Reina and His One Million Dollar Donation to The Tampa Bay Animal Clinic

Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of the online video communications company Talk Fusion, has donated one million dollars to the Tampa Bay Animal Clinic. This is the largest donation in the history of the Tampa Bay Animal Clinic. This incredible donation has propelled the launch of a brand new animal clinic in Tampa Bay. It is appropriately named the Talk Fusion Animal Clinic of Tampa Bay.

Bob Reina is an entrepreneur. His product Talk Fusion works with the latest trends and developments in video communications to help many companies worldwide grow. Talk Fusion is a combination of video creation software combined with a platform that lets team members effectively communicate while also providing the tools necessary for users to create their own video marketing presentations successfully.

Not only is Bob Reina a highly successful entrepreneur whose product is the best in his niche, but he is also a humanitarian. Reina cares about the lives of these animals, and has provided his city with the means necessary to care for the animals in the Tampa Bay community. Bob Reina, with this donation, has become a leading humanitarian in the cause of underprivileged animals in Tampa Bay.

The Tampa Bay community has shown overwhelming support of Reina and his donation. People who love animals have given much thanks and praise to Reina for his generous donation. The animals will be taken care of in a top notch facility with enough room, medicine, and accommodations for all of these animals. Thanks to this generous donation, Tampa Bay is soon to become a leader in the cause of caring for these underprivileged animals who are in such desperate need of help. Tampa Bay thanks Bob Reina for his wonderful contribution to the Tampa Bay Animal Clinic.

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Bustle investigates Wen by Chaz

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin, but unfortunately, many women are stuck with thin and greasy hair that makes them feel uncomfortable everywhere they go. Millions of women are insecure with their hair, and they feel like there is nothing they can do about it. Hundreds of hair care products claim to offer hope for these women. One of the premiere hair care products on the market today is Wen Hair by Chaz (
Chaz Dean, the creator of this hair product claims to help women achieve the hair they dream about. The product is supposed to be especially helpful for women with thin or greasy hair. The product has achieved rave reviews from stylists around the country, but many women remain skeptical.

Bustle is one of the premiere media outlets on the internet today. The site is like Wikipedia, it does everything from cover political events to keep up with the latest style trends. Recently, Bustle decided to get to the bottom of the Wen Hair buzz. A top reporter from Bustle ordered Wen by Chaz and committed to trying the product for a week.

The reporter was not optimistic at first, because she had always struggled with greasy and thin hair. After just one use of the product, she was convinced that Wen was a winner. Her hair had considerably more volume and a lot more shine. She provided readers with pictures of her hair, and the change was dramatic. Her hair was stunning after using the product. After using the product for a week, she was convinced the at WEN hair might be a life changing product. She knew that women everywhere should flock to the product.

Women are looking for a conditioner that will provide them with the volume and shine they deserve. The wait is over, because Wen by Chaz gets results for women everywhere.

Experiences with Wen

Wen is a haircare line invented for every type of hair. Produced by Celebrity Stylist Chaz Dean, this line of products puts a new spin on caring for your locks in the most healthful way possible.
Wen is a combination of shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment and is widely known and popular on sephora beauty market for transforming hard to handle locks into beautiful and lustrous strands.

In an article on Bustle which also appeared on wikipedia, writer and hair stylist Emily McClure discusses her personal experience with the popular conditioning product. Starting with day one she comments on how dirty her hair is from a busy day of working prior to her first wash with Wen. After washing with Wen the writer expresses her surprise that she didn’t see near as many hairs in the shower drain as she normally does. She goes on to say that her hair appeared more bouncy and shiny than before. As her experiment with the product continues through to day two she expresses her dislike that her hair was greasy the morning after her first shampoo with the product. However, she also says she felt it could’ve been conditioning treatment that wasn’t completely washed out from the night before. Days three through seven were a series of learning how to use the product and deciding if that product was a good fit for her. In conclusion she talked of how friends commented on how beautiful her hair looked and that WEN truly is a good product. Wen has revolutionized the hair care world and is a great product every woman should try.


About Brian Bonar And His Endeavors To Improve Bellamy’s Escondido Restaurant Menu

Brian Bonar is one of the most notable businessmen in the current business world. Currently sitting at the top of Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept Inc as the CEO, Brian Bonar has had a very successful career as an entrepreneur and a financial expert. He is also the owner of Bellamy, a leading food house. Before he joined the world of business and entrepreneurship, he pursued an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde. Brian Bonar later graduated from Staffordshire University with a Masters’ in Business Administration. Some few years later he acquired his doctorate which acted as a door opener to his careers success.

So far Brian Bonar has worked as the head of several successful business ventures such as Smart-tek Automated Services Inc, Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc and The Amanda Co Inc. His over 30 years successful business career started at IBM, a world leading technology firm. He worked in this firm from April 1969 to March 1985 as a Procurement Manager.

He was responsible for the provision of motherboards to be used on various IBM PCs. He was also the Director of Engineering at QMS between April 1985 and June 1989. Brian Bonar also worked for Rastek Corporation as its Vice President covering Sales and Marketing and Adaptec as its Sales Manager. He was also the founder and chief executive officer of Bezier Systems, an SCSI-based printer producer.

Recently, Brian Bonar has been so engaged with his Bellamy food house. He has traveled across to the world to bring some of the best chefs from France to work here. The prominent French chef Patrick Ponsaty was one of his new catches.

This chef is a native of Toulouse, who has great experience in the kitchen. The is ranked among the best chefs in France. Brian Bonar placed him at his Escondido restaurant. Now this restaurant boasts of having some of the best French cuisines in the world. With Ponsaty at the kitchen, this restaurant is fast growing to attract numerous customers who would like to to taste the Armagnac Ponsaty refined meals.

Brian Bonar says that his vision is to offer his clients the best meals they can ever find. He said that he brought the best Frenchmen to his Bellamy kitchens so that their clients can experience a new touch on their menu. Over the years, it has been widely known that the French were among the best cooks in the whole world.

Brian Bonar says that that best is what he seeks to offer his clients and any amazing food lovers through his Bellamy food house. He added that his Escondido restaurant will soon have more variety of cuisines from other cultures as he seeks to expand the menu. He also thanked his customers for sticking with him and for their support since he came into the food market.

Freedom Pop’s President Talks about Company Expansion and Growth

FreedomPop is a free mobile and internet service provider that is headquartered in the U.S. This company has been in business since 2011 and it is rapidly expanding throughout the world. In January of 2016, Freedom Pop raised $50 million in funding to further develop its services. In an interview given by Freedom Pop’s president (Nicholas Constantinopoulos) the company is planning on expanding into different parts of the world and becoming one of the biggest mobile providers on the planet.

Mobile World Live correspondent Kavit Majithia gave an interview with Constantinopoulos and asked him a variety of different questions about his organization. One thing in particular that Constantinopoulos was questioned about was how the $50 million dollars would help FreedomPop to grow its businesses. Constantinopoulos told Majithia that the money will give them the ability to set up services in places such as Asia, Latin America and even in some parts of Africa.

FreedomPop’s president went on to say that Belgium’s test market did very well and the push to provide more services into Europe would become another focus of the company. Constantinopoulos has also explained that the technology and systems that are needed to expand Freedom Pop is also going to be improved with the use of the money.

Keep in mind that Freedom Pop provides their users with 200 voice minutes, 200MB of free internet use and 200 text messages. While this might seem like a lot of free services for a person to receive it is not. However, the amount of services that a person can receive from Freedom Pop is more than enough to meet their basic mobile needs.

Constantinopoulos also points out that his company is not affecting various free cellular and internet plans offered by the government. Since they use a different standards and VoiP systems to turn free calls into data this helps the company to minimize the cost of traditional phone calls. In other words, their services are cheaper because they send their calls and data over the internet.

Constantinopoulos eventually stated that the company is going to continue to branch out to other parts of the world. They expect to have a large portion of the population covered in various cities across the globe. Currently, the company has over 1 million subscribers and this number is expected to grow significantly within the next few years. You can find out more about this interview at Mobile World Live.

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