Dog Food and Innovation Lead to High Sales

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy With Beneful

Beneful is a brand that has always added innovation in their pet food. Remaining up-to-date in every way has ensured that every dog is well-nourished with a delightful meal that leaves them happy. The finest ingredients have always been included in Beneful products. Beneful offers experience in every meal. Beneful had been introduced to the pet food market in the year 2001. The goal of this company has always been to provide each and every pet with healthy products that taste delicious. A large variety meals include the following:

* dry dog food

* wet do food

* tasty treats for dogs

This is a brand that has continued to expand as they provide nutrition and taste in every product.

Premium Dog Food Sales Surge

The sales for premium dog food has grown enormously due to the new innovations. The entire pet-food industry has experienced a surge in sales. The innovations within the overall health and taste has been creating a loyal customer base. These satisfied dog owners are pleased to provide their dogs with added nutrients in every tasty meal. Premium dog foods have indeed seen an increase in sales in this industry. The added flavors are coming from high quality ingredients that include the needed nourishment. The taste drives dogs wild.

Beneful Never Omits the Needed Nutritionts

The needed nutrients are vital to the health of your dog. Beneful will never omit the vital nutrients that ensure good health. The employees at Beneful know how important your dog is. Proper meals will ensure a long and vibrant life for your dog. A large variety is incorporated within the Beneful products. Every dog deserves to enjoy meals that are fit for royalty. Taste and nutrition will leave your dog feeling great. The health benefits that your dog will receive include:

* a higher energy level

* healthy teeth

* a vibrant coat of fur

* a longer and healthier life

* a good digestive system

* more benefits with Beneful

These are only the start of the grand health benefits that you r dog will receive because Beneful never omitted the needed nutrients. They are plentiful with Beneful.


How Qnet Is Working To Make A Difference

Qnet is a direct selling company that offers products to help people with their everyday lives. They reach ore than 100 different countries around the world. While they may not be very well known, almost everyone has some contact with Qnet’s products.

The Qnet company has pledged a substantial amount to aid with the victims of the Chennai flood. This donation, and its announcement came at the IIFA awards ceremony. Qnet holds the philosophy that we should all rise up to help mankind. The Qnet we care program seeks to aid the under priviledged. 

Helping each other is the way that we can change the world. While any of us do not have the financial abilities that large companies like Qnet have, we can still offer our time and support in other ways. Volunteering to help the homeless, tutor lower income children, and even volunteering to help with community programs are all ways that we all can care about one another.

The IIFA awards is supporting this cause. They have dedicated this year’s awards to the victims of the flood and are working hard to bring awareness of the cause. Many of the actors and actresses are volunteering their time and efforts to aid these victims. The monetary donation from Qnet will go a far way to helping these victims recover.

A local service foundation has also made donations to help the families. Many had their homes washed away and have nothing left. The foundation donated kits to help the 200 families that included such things as sheets, cooking pots and other household items that they lost.

Qnet sees their contribution as a natural extension of their personal corporate responsibilities. They encourage their employees to get involved with these initiatives and offer a hand when they can to help the homeless and the destitute.

Helping others is what makes us human. Seeing the world from the view of the homeless and the destitute is what can help us understand how others see the world and how we can best help them. Qnet continues to work hard to meet these expectations and exceed them. They want to help put an end to suffering and poverty at least in their small corner of the world.

Qnet was founded and established in 1998. They are just one facet in the larger network of direct selling companies. These companies span across Malaysia, Indonesia, the Phillipines and Singapore.

Folow Qnet on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about their products and services and the good work they are doing.

Liquor Is The Latest Area Of Expansion For Dick DeVos

In the last few years Dick DeVos and wife Betsy have become better known for their charitable foundations for expanding the DeVos business empire, but the couple are now looking to enter the liquor business in their native Michigan. Reports in MLive detail the first steps in the acquisition of the Coppercraft Distillery of Michigan by the DeVos owned Windquest Group, which is owned by Dick and Betsy DeVos. The initial steps in the DeVos family taking control of the small producer of gin, rum, and a wide range of other liquor products.

The DeVos business empire has been developed by Dick DeVos since he took control of the family owned business in 1984 after spending more than a decade working in various areas of the large corporation, according to Wikipedia. Under Dick DeVos the Amway company that forms the heart of the DeVos business empire has developed to include a wide range of different businesses in a number of different industries. This latest move into the liquor industry is the first attempt to conquer the industry by the DeVos family.

Alongside his impressive work as a business person the Grand Rapids, Michigan native has become almost as well known for the high level of philanthropy he and wife Betsy are involved in. Hospitals and educational opportunities form the basis of the charitable work of Dick DeVos, alongside a number of arts based initiatives he has also backed financially.

The Coppercraft Distillery is located in a 9,000 square foot building used for producing liquor and includes a tasting room. Coppercraft founder Walter Catton III has recently been discussing the options available for developing the business outside the state of Michigan where the majority of sales are focused; in addition, the tasting room of the distillery is an area of focus as a kitchen could be added to help drive business to the location. Windquest Group has made an initial application to transfer the liquor license held by Coppercraft to the investment company, but this could take up to six months to be approved by state authorities.

FreedomPop, The New Data Service

FreedomPop is doing it again with the data plan it is coming out with. New data coverage through hot spots for little. Purchase the hot spot for a mere $59 dollars and then with a ten dollar sim card, you will be able to reach people all over the world. There are very few areas that are not available yet but are coming soon. FreedomPop has investors that have raised over $50 million. CEO Stephen Stokols states that investors to date do not want to be recognized. He is sure that in the future they will let everyone know who they are.

FreedomPop is one wonderful service that is helping people get phone service without breaking the bank. It gives people the ability to call and text for free after purchasing a phone. FreedomPop has phones for sale that are flips, standard cell phones that are relatively cheap, and serious smartphones. Unlimited access to the internet is next to come with FreedomPop and they are close to data all over.

Freedom with FreedomPop is the next thing that will be helping the worldwide. Like Uber, FreedomPop is servicing people that need it. Cell phone companies are integrating with other high business to get a higher price. Investors are hoping that FreedomPop will soon be as big as Uber is to transportation. Investors are hoping stocks will increase and that their investments will increase as well.

Phone companies are selling their data and services to companies such as FreedomPop. Freedom pop purchases the data they need and uses it as needed instead of buying a large bulk in services.

Cell phone services are working hard to gain your respect and your service. They are paying more for service than they should have to when you have available companies such as FreedomPop. Why spend hundreds to get the same services as FreedomPop? FreedomPop gives the individual a choice to save money on phone service and purchase the cheaper data services as well. It is very interesting to everyone selling the service that FreedomPop like Uber is gaining value and notability.

George Soros 2008 Prediction

George Soros Legendary Prediction

Self-made billionaire and philanthropist George Soros have been very vocal on the topic of the Chinese economic downturn prediction. Being the second largest economy in the world, any faltering of the economy could be the undoing of all the world’s major economies. While many people might dismiss him, he made a similar prediction about the debt that is currently facing the Europe-Asian union in 2011. As usual nobody paid attention to his talks but years later we can look back, and says that it would be careless to ignore him again.

George Soros is a Bloomberg business analyst who got the education from England’s London school of economics. His reputation in market analysis and strategy laying precedes him. Having successful run his hedge fund business successfully, very few people can argue about what he brings to such a discussion. Evidently, his prediction has already started manifesting itself. As it is China is changing its strategy in business. It’s moving away from manufacturing and investment to consumption and services. As a result, the chines Yuan has been on the decline leaving economic crises in its wake. Many economies in Asia have started feeling the heat as the looming crises continue.

George Soros was speaking is an economic summit in Sir Lanka where he warned investors to tread carefully on investment matters. With the impending crises currently looming in China. Currently, China is struggling to adopt a new growth model. Consequently, there is a current devaluation in the country. The same problems that were prevalent before the 2008 economic recession are manifesting themselves in the Chinese economy. The challenges have also affected all sectors of the economy in China. The stock of major companies is starting to fall as the economic crises continue to fall.

According to George Soros, there has been a change in the money markets. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index shows that Japanese shares have climbed by 43%. At the start of January this year, there has been a surge of treasury bills prices. This has been necessitated.

The change in money market has also resulted in the change in oil prices. The change in the economy has made the price of petroleum in the USA to change. It is even cheaper in Asia. Such development is seen as new since the economic recession of 2008. The economy of many countries have been affected by Chinas development causing slow growth of the economy. For more information see on Soros prediction.

Igor Cornelsen Helps Me With Retirement Planning

Igor Cornelsen is an investment guru that has a given me treasured advice for building up a retirement portfolio. I will be the first to say that I needed help from someone like Cornelsen. He has some practical advice, and this is what I have been lacking as an investor.

There have been times where I have read books by others like Suze Orman or Robert Kiyosaki and I found myself struggling to follow their investment principles. Some of the stuff they said made sense, but there were others things that didn’t make sense to me because I didn’t have the funds to make those type of investments. Igor Cornelsen was the first financial strategist that made sense with everything that he was saying. That is why I decided to make this the investor that I would actually follow. Cornelsen has never steered me wrong, and I know that he has the experience so I trust him.

With Cornelsen on flickr everything is not so black and white. He is not just split down the middle. So many investors will say that you have to invest in real estate. They tell you that you need so much money to make money. With Igor I have a better understanding that it is not what you put in, but it is how you manage it. That is certainly the case with those people that have 401K plans that they have invested in. Most people, myself included, leave their plans on autopilot. I assumed that one day I would just magically have a nice little nest egg because I was had money deducted from my check for this. I was so wrong. This was completely inaccurate. The market crashed, and I loss a lot of money because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was investing in. Igor Cornelsen taught me how to recover from that.

I learned to really know what I am investing in. I should have known this all along, but it was through Cornelsen that I learned that this was constant action that was taken. Most people look at their investments once or twice a year and assume that they are managing their portfolio. True management involves looking at the stocks on a weekly basis. I know what the companies I invest in are doing, and I feel good about this.

Cornelsen is an investor that has mentioned international investing, and no other financial expert that I know has exposed me to that. I thank Igor for this because Brazilian stocks will often have higher returns on investment. I would have really missed out on this without his advice. I have a much more diverse portfolio because Igor gives great advice.


New research has led to a significant breakthrough in the search world where it is now possible to image search and image recognition. The text box has remained an almost constant thing the past 20 years and it is the basis of out interaction with the web. When we want to search anything, we must enter text in a box. Things are about to change, and the 1st beneficiary will be tech companies.

Pinterest and are currently testing technology that will change how we interact with our computers. Pinterest is testing a new search technology that allows you to shop items you see on pictures. It enables you to home in a particular image where each click brings similar pictures and where to buy them.

Shoes.Com is working with a start-up called Sentient to create a search technology that reduces searching for products to product is already treating the technology on one of its stores in Canada. It is a women’s boot store and has already shown positive results.

Shoes.Com CEO Roger Hardy confirmed there was a sales increase of the technology, and they are going to roll out the new software to other categories. The start-up, Sentienent, has already raised $ 143 million in its 1st round of fundraising and is expected to reutilize shopping. Its technology allows one to get the product they need by homing in on one technology.

Nigel Duffy said the Sentienent software was evidence of how far we can go if we understand our software.

Slyce is an image search based company that is already ahead of the curve in this technology. It incorporates the best of the industry with its proprietary technology to give highly accurate search. A customer can search for a product and be directed to the store that offers the same product.

Slyce allows one to search a barcode, billboard, and photos. It enables the company to liaise with retailers and offer its services to them. It has already signed with 20 retailers in the US and is expected to promote their sales. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement that works for all.

Slyce is a Canadian company based in Toronto. Its biggest market is in the US where it runs numerous ad campaigns. It was founded by Mr Camron Chell who has over 25 years’ experience in entrepreneurship.

New Opportunities For Coriant With Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant, one of the industry leaders in technology for networking industry and leaders, has recently announced the induction of a new CEO to its team. This company has worked hard to stand where they are at in the field of networking and plans to take their opportunities even further with the onboarding of a new CEO. The company has worked with several different options for a CEO and has made the final decision that Shaygan Kheradpir is the best choice for the solution to their lack of CEO within the company.

By making this choice, they know that they are getting an industry expert. Shaygan Kheradpir has worked for many years in the networking world. He has been able to provide a large amount of experience with his work and has been able to give his all when it comes to the innovations leading up to the networking solutions. He makes sure that he is able to always look out for the best of the company when he is functioning as a CEO. As one of the best people in the company, he is able to provide a large amount of expertise, innovation and new ideas to the company.

Within their Press Release, Coriant has talked about the many ways that bringing Kheradpir onboard with the company will be able to help them increase their profits while providing more solutions for their customers. The company is excited to bring in a new face that comes in front of a lot of talent. They trust that he will be the best decision for what they are doing with the company and that e will be able to lead the company in new and exciting ways. The press release talks fondly of Shaygan Kheradpir and the way that he will help the company get to where they need to be.

With nearly 30 years of experience in networking, Kheradpir brings a lot to the table for Coriant. He is able to provide a large amount of expertise and can increase the function of the company while he is working as the CEO of the company. He is able to provide not only industry experience but also management experience. These two qualities combined make him the ideal candidate for the CEO position at Coriant. The qualities along with his experience guarantee the expertise that he will have in the field of networking.

It is important for Coriant to ensure that they are getting the most out of any CEO that they choose to hire. This is because the company has overcome many obstacles and has risen above them. The company not only wants a CEO who will be able to make the company function properly, but also one who will be able to make the company thrive in a time of somewhat difficult processes for the networking industry. Coriant has the utmost confidence that Shaygan Kheradpir will be able to provide them that as he begins to take over the Coriant CEO position.

Check out Shaygan Kheradpir’s Facebook and MTV pages

Premium Dog Food Sales on the Rise

Pet ownership has been on the rise in recent decades. People in the United States and across the world have found that owning a dog can be a source of enormous pleasure and also a great way to get out in the world. Those who own dogs have also increasingly come to realize the importance of feeding them the best possible food at all times. Dog owners want to make sure their dogs always have food that is appealing to the eyes and also highly nutritious at the same time. Dog owners who want to provide for their adored animals know that it is important to be there for their pets. They know that their pets require and dog food that is always made from high quality ingredients and always offers their pet the kind of appropriate premium product from Amazon that will help make any dog stronger and healthier. In response to this need, dog food companies have done their best to respond to the needs of owners by providing them with dog food that is created from the best possible ingredients. The result has been a partnership between pet owners and those companies that make dog food. One of the nation’s leading dog food manufacturers is Beneful. Beneful has been partnering with dog owners for over a decade to provide them with important choices. Dog owners around the nation have come to rely on Beneful to offer them the best possible dog food for their animals. People know they can count on Beneful when they are looking for the right dog food for their animal. They know that each time they buy Beneful for their dogs, they are buying the best quality dog food. They know that company employees are devoted to the notion that all dogs deserve access to high quality dog food. The result of this partnership has been one that is satisfactory to both parties. Dog owners have come to rely on Beneful for help in feeding their dogs really good food. Beneful employees have been proud to be able to do do this for their custoemrs.

Men are Shedding Their Fear of Fashion

Men have gained the reputation of being slobs or not worried about fashion. However, this is starting to change. It is also important to note that this past few decades were actually unusual for men. Men have almost always been concerned with their fashion. However, throughout a period of time, they were faced with one issue. It was not laziness, but fear of fashion. When other men were not dressing well, this projected the fear of being the odd one out. Being the odd one out often resulted in ridicule and being called names. However, this is starting to change for the men as they are becoming more bold in their fashion.

Men are now paying more attention to the clothes that they wear. They are not just looking at suits and ties. They are also getting creative with different cuts, sizes and fits. They are getting a feel for what they look good in. In the process, they are looking at putting together complete outfits. These complete outfits include shoes. When one looks at the leather shoes, they will find some of the most creative styles as well as the best materials when they look at the right brand.

One example of a good brand to look at is Paul Evans. The Paul Evans brand of shoes was started by people who are very passionate about footwear. These two founders are very passionate about the footwear that is available to them. They have looked around for all of the different styles of shoes that they could find only to learn that the world is very limited when it comes to men’s shoes. Therefore, they looked into ways to start their own company with the purpose of selling some of the best pieces of footwear.

In their journey, the two men worked with people in six countries. Eventually, they have landed in Nepal Italy and started up a factory. In Nepal, they make these shoes by hand. They also work with men who are very skilled and passionate about shoes. Among the men that they work with are men who were born into families that make shoes. A lot of these individuals are merely the latest generation in their family line of shoemakers.

Footwear is very important in completing the look of a man. Everyone notices the shoes that a man is wearing. If the shoe complements the outfit, then that takes the outfit to the next level. However, a shoe that does not go well with the rest of the outfit will cause it to fall apart.