Securus Video Visitation Can Help Bring Families Together At Christmas

For most families, Christmas is a time of joy that is spent bringing holiday cheer and spending time together, or even with extended family. But for some families, it’s been a time of hardship when a father, mother, son, or daughter is doing time in a correctional facility and unable to share the moment. But that is now changing through Securus Technologies‘ video visitation program, an opportunity inmates are given to spend holidays like Christmas with their families. Instead of simply talking on the phone and describing what’s happening, young children or parents are able to see their loved ones and not miss a moment. The video visitation program goes a long way towards encouraging inmates to maintain good behavior, while at the same time also encouraging their families not to lose hope.


Securus Technologies is an advanced inmate communication company based in Dallas, TX. They’ve been in business since 1986, serving thousands of correctional facilities across the United States by keeping families connected to incarcerated loved ones, and helping monitor the premises and alerting law enforcement officials if a threat is imminent. Securus acquired JPay, which has allowed inmates to transfer funds electronically, purchase digital music and movies, signup for and take online courses, and has even made secure tablets for inmates who qualify for them.


Securus uses ConnectUs to help inmates and their families setup phone billing options that make prepaid phone calls easier, or direct billing to accounts for more available calling time and less hassle. The video visitation service has saved families time and money by allowing them to talk to their loved ones right from home. The Securus THREADS program is one of the most well-designed incident response programs that monitors inmate behavior, associations, communications, and any suspicious activities that law enforcement should be aware of. The Securus information management system relays information to law enforcement officials and stores relevant information in databases.


Securus even has Investigator Pro, software that can look into the background of inmates’ contacts who are outside the facility. Its voice recognition software can match voices against any known former inmates, or wanted criminals. In addition, word recognition software can scan through electronic messages and detect potential threats.


Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Equites First Holdings Demonstrates the Use of Stock as Loan Collateral

Equities First Holdings, a worldwide loaning business and an industry leader in option shareholder financing, has started to notice that there is more emphasis around the world in edge credits and stock-based advances in areas where banks and other financial establishments have changed the way they loan money. For borrowers who need to get access to a lot of capital quickly or who have not been qualified to use routine credit-based advances, values loaning is usually another valid option.

While there are plenty of other financial options that exist for these types of people, several banks have decided to limit their loaning plans handed out to borrowers, fixed advance capabilities, and change financing costs. Al Christy, Jr., Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings, talks about how Stock-based credits are much different compared to edge advances and offer a noticeably different loan cost.

For a market that is running on a normal three-year credit term, changing the market without hesitation is not easy and sometimes impossible. Stock-based advances put up a wall that is preventing the borrower from dragging down his or her venture hazard in a specified market.

Christy mentions that some edge credits and stock-based advances can work hand in hand. Both types of financing account use a lot of security for protection purposes. Now there may be some significant similarities, but there are also a number of differences.

Equities first holdings (EFH) is a company to turn to when looking for non-purpose cash. The company offers a wide range of solutions for businesses to work through. EFH is composed of over a dozen experts in law and financing.

The team works with all kinds of different types of businesses offering liquidity on easy terms. There have been over 600 transactions over the past few years. Equities First Holdings has offices works worldwide and has offices in London, Sydney, Perth, and Hong Kong.

When choosing an edge credit account, the borrower has to be pre-qualified, as with any normal bank advance, and may require that cash that is deposited is used for a particular reason. The financing costs can change frequently and the borrower can account for credit will ranging somewhere around 15 to 50 percent. Likewise, the loaning firm has the right to exchange the borrower’s security without giving any notices.

Now with stock-based advances, borrowers understand that altered financing cost can go for anywhere between three and four percent and advance to-worth proportions will range anywhere from 50 to 80 percent. There will usually not be any limitations on the credit picked up, so the cash can be utilized for whatever the client on the account pleases.

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Evaluating Devco’s Role in New Jersey’s Real Estate Scene

New Jersey’s Atlantic City, has created a name for itself by being one of the most popular tourist hot spots in the United States. The city’s hospitality sector is ranked among the most dynamic in the country. It is similarly home to the Heldrich Hotel, a five star facility in New Brunswick that has continually been named among the best hotels in the state. However, not many people know that the hotel was nearly on the brink of collapse a few years ago. This was before it was revitalized by real estate firm, Devco.
Before DEVCO came into the picture, the Heldrich Hotel was performing way below its capacity. Its developers were thinking about shutting it down altogether. The hotel had initially been built in 2005 using a public loan. This loan had been granted to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This is the body mandated to make reinvestment in the hospitality sector using gambling revenues.

Despite the fanfare that was associated with the hotel’s construction, it almost ended up being a white elephant project. New Brunswick-based real estate firm Devco was brought in to help reestablished it. True to its word, the firm has helped reorganize the hotel’s operations, restoring it on a profit making path. To put this into perspective, the hotel hosted more than 100,000 guests in 2015. The original article was published on The Press of Atlantic City. Click on this link to read more:

Devco in Brief

This real estate development firm targets the high-end consumer. Since its formation in 1976, it has gone on to become one of the most successful real estate companies in New Jersey. The firm has overseen the construction of projects whose value amounts to billions of dollars. Most of its projects sell out as soon as they are put on the market due to competitive prices that are set by the firm. Devco is led by renowned attorney, Chris Paladino.


For More Than 60 Years, Ingenuity And Purpose Has Been Supporting People Nationwide

Ingenuity and Purpose is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality services of the technical nature and especially in logistics all around the world. They offer their services to anyone who is in need, and regularly work with both private and public companies. Over the years the company has grown quite a bit and they have a large number of employees today, which enable them to provide their services on an international scale. They are prepared and ready to handle a host of different situations for their clients or just in general. They can handle relief in times of natural disasters as well as supply armed forces if need be. IAP Worldwide is a capable of coordinating, planning and executing top strategies for logistics problems and technical issues of any degree.

For a period of more than 60 years, Ingenuity and Purpose has been offering goods and services across the globe, doing things to aid in resources, create advancements in healthcare, and protect the environment. They are also active in many humanitarian projects around the world, trying to help people live better lives everywhere. With their largely technological and scientific background, IAP Worldwide has been able to gain the necessary knowledge and tools to aid people in any way that is needed, especially in times that are critical. This is what has made IAP Worldwide so reputable today, along with their leading ideas and innovations.

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Ingenuity and Purpose has managed to grow many times through acquiring other companies and making them part of their own to add new services and improve on their existing ones. Just a few of the company’s they have taken in at Aviation and Logistics, DRS Technologies as well as Tactical Communications and Network Solutions. Due to this, IAP Worldwide is now capable of supplying people with their services and other supplies all around the world, whether it be in logistics, communication, facility management, or engineering.

Originally calling home to Irmo, South Carolina, Ingenuity and Purpose truly began here as a procurement and logistics company in the beginning. In the beginning, they started big by supplying the United States Army throughout Saudi Arabia with generators. Since then and over the years, IAP Worldwide has been striving to provide the very best services they can for anyone in need. This is part of what has enabled them to land expensive government contracts and become a huge supporter for the Military in the United States. 

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Coworking space in NYC the hot new trend

Coworking is a style that involves sharing a working setting either an independent environment or an office. Coworking also is socially gathering together a group of individuals who work in home-office and share values and are interested in working together. The co-workers in most cases are not employed by the same organization like in a usual office setting. It is an excellent environment for work-at-home individuals and self-governing workers as well as persons who travel more often.

Coworking gives a solution to the isolation problem for what a lot of freelancers go through while working at home. It helps many people escape the disruptions of the home environment. It should not only focus on the physical setting but also put more emphases on creating a co-working community. A co-working community creates a socialized environment within a particular area. Some co-workers do not build a community but instead they get an existing environment and then combine their opening with an event which entices their target group. Many co-working individuals are created by establishing casual events that take place in private rooms or public settings like suitable cafés and galleries as well as multi-functional locations. Co-workers experience the advantages of Co-working. They get to know one another. It helps in reducing the loneliness in homes or independent offices.

Workville New York offices for rent offer a coworking space situated in Manhattan. It is in a luxury office building 1412 Broadway on the 21st floor. It is a few steps away from Bryant Park and Times Square as well as the major transportation hubs. The Workville is designed and feels like a 5-star hotel. The entrepreneurs created it to upgrade the experience of their clients. Workville provides its customers not only with sun-drenched workplaces and dedicated desks but also an open desk and a cafe lounge setting. They also have a unique wraparound sunset views terraces.
Open desks are available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Workville offers high-speed Wi-Fi and clients who use a wheelchair can easily access their facilities. They provide private offices which run twenty-four hours and seven days a week. Members can choose whether to work in the whole hours or they can decide to take a break during the day. Workvile members can also choose whether they want to work in a quiet environment so they can concentrate or in a cooperative setting where they can share tables and interact.


How did this Bank Start Their Affordable Homes Program?

Nexbank is actually an outgrowth of Highland Capital Management that is its own local bank in Dallas. Dallas has a lot of people who are looking for affordable homes, and we wanted to be sure that we could get in on it because we had more than one home we were looking at. We know that most people want to get into their own homes, but we actually own and rent homes to people who live in the area. Anyone who does not want to own a home can rent with us for less because we are spending less on the houses ourselves.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

We believe that the best thing we can do to help the people that work with us is to be sure that we have found a way to keep every loan as cheap as possible. The loans that we get have been great because Nexbank has no interest in charging us too much for the loans that we have. Nexbank only wants to show us that we have a chance to save money, and we can go into the branch near out office every day to get help with the loans if that is what we need.

I have been so happy with the people at Nexbank because they are so good to us when we work on our loans. We want to get new ones every few months as we add homes to the stable that we have, and we believe that we have the best plan for owning and renting homes in the city. I like renting to my customers knowing that I can charge them fair prices, and I have seen some of them go off and actually get their own affordable home through Nexbank. I am very thankful for the way Nexbank has dedicated itself to making home cheaper for everyone.

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The Philanthropy Of Stephen P. Murray

All the money in the world isn’t useful unless it is used properly. Donating to charity is a good way to help make the world a better. But simply donating to charity isn’t enough. This was something that the late Stephen P. Murray knew quite well. Stephen Murray was not only someone who helped donate funds to charity and raise money for important charities of all kinds.

He was also someone who knew how important it was to take the money that was raised for his various favorite charities and use it well. This is one of many reasons why is leadership skills are sorely missed by those who are involved in such important charity works.

An Expert In Capital Management

Stephen Murray brought many skills to the table in his work as a financier and charity expert. He was a graduate of Boston University with a degree in economics. In this capacity, he was very much someone who knew how to manage all areas of finance in order to assure maximum fiscal growth.

Murray spent much of his career in the world of banking where he was in charge of various kinds of capital ventures. As head of CCMP Capital, he was entrusted with overseeing the management of hundreds of thousands of dollars in in funds and did so with great success. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

As the head of one of the nation’s most respected firms, he was much admired for his ability to put many kinds of deals together and help grow the capital. He was noted for his skills at seeing the various ways that capital could be used for the good of the people and all those who choose to invest with him.

Offering Help

When not working for his company, Murray did his best to offer charity work. In this capacity, he helped many children via the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New York City. He was noted for his ability to help raise funds for children with chronic illnesses who may be in danger of dying. With his help, the people who run the organization were able to raise even more funds.

They were also able to use any funds they had on hand more effectively. He was there all the time to provide them with help to make sure that any given child was able to get any wishes they had met. His skills are much missed by the organization.

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Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital

Making Forms Easier with Securus

One of the biggest problems that inmates have while they are in prison is that their complaints and grievances are not handled the way that they should be. There are middlemen that the forms need to go through to get to the proper avenues. The middlemen can sometimes cause the forms and grievances to go ignored with the inmates having even more grievances as a result. Many staff members also struggle with the forms because they may not know exactly where they need to go or what they need to do with them. This can also cause the information to get lost and the inmates to not have their complaints handled correctly.

When it comes to prison technology, Securus is the leading company. They revolutionized the way that inmates received money and made it possible for them to be able to send and receive emails while they are in prison. The company has a proven track record of success in the jail atmosphere and they are leaders in the industry. They have worked to provide solutions that were satisfactory for both the inmates as well as the staff of the prison in order to allow them to get the things that they need in the correct way.

The company is coming up with yet another solution for people who are in jail. They recognize the need for an easy to use complaint program and have integrated that into their kiosks. The program has allowed them to create automated forms that are available for inmates to use to make complaints, file grievances and even simply talk about what they need to with the board and even the warden of the prison. The kiosks have completely eliminated the middlemen and have taken some stress off of the correctional officers who already have a lot of shoes to fill.

How to Protect Your Online Business Reputation

Consumers surf the Internet for fun, games, entertainment, work, and to find information about a company or service. Certainly, they will avoid any company or service that has one or more negative comments. People rely on that online information to help them make decisions about buying. Therefore, a company’s online reputation is vital to their existence and longevity because of the influence of those online reviews and remarks. The fact is that the majority of people will continue to base their buying decisions on those online reviews. Therefore, online reputation management is becoming increasingly important.

Fixing Negative Comments
Today, the average consumer has a voice and opinion that they like to share with online friends. Some provide their opinions because they think that they are providing a vital service to others, while others simply want to vent their anger about a company’s products or services. The fact is that even one negative comment might surface in the search results of a targeted company and ruin their sales and image. The Internet is a great resource and provides lots of helpful information. The Internet has also made it extremely easy for some consumers to spread negative news about a company. Therefore, it is important for the company to work quickly to bury negative news before it gets out of control.

How to Bury Negative Press
Reputation management experts devised a wide range of tools to take down those negative comments. Often, it just takes time to bury negative search results. A non professional might take a year to take down even one negative comment on the search results. However, the professionals work quickly and those results might disappear overnight. Reputation experts suggest taking building a profile on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. The social profiles on those high profile sites tend to rise to the top of the search engines and force down any negative press. Another way to bury bad news is to leave comments on message boards, forums, and blogs. These rise quickly in search engine results too.

Bury Bad Articles
Did you know that negative search engine results are costing you money? Sadly, most company’s do not react fast enough and let the negative press destroy their company. It is important to act fast. A quick turnaround will defeat that bad press. Bury Bad Articles are the online experts at getting rid of negative comments about our clients. We can help you. Contact us for more information.

Specifics Things Entrepreneurs Can Do To Build and Maintain Solid Online Reputation

In modern times, online reputation is a fundamental factor that influences the future of the business. If you are on a budget, this post courtesy of Online Reputation presents an opportunity to learn specific things that a small business can do to build and maintain solid online reputation. In fact, they are the things that every business should do, whether they have online reputation professionals or not.

Social Media Accounts

Even if you have no plans for posting anything immediately, it is vital you own the business or brand name in all social media before somebody else takes them. Then you should link all your social media profiles together and link them back to your website. Update your social media profile with complete description regarding your business or brand, and adhere to relevant keywords that will help search engine find you.

Multiple Domains

While your business or brand might have a website featuring the domain name as the name of the venture, there is much more to be done. You can buy domains and create variations such as or your Also, make sure you have acquired main domains extension such as .com, .org, and .net to avoid anyone else taking them. Your domains names should reflect search phrases that potential clients are likely to use while searching. Sometimes you can even buy a domain name with search phrase and link it to a landing page on your site. All your sites should contain relevant information inclusive of videos and pictures.

Optimize your content for search engines

The primary goal of creating a website is to avail pertinent information that user are searching for. If Google recognizes that your site is relevant to users who are searching, your site will be rewarded with higher organic ranking in search engine results. The secret is to create content that is valuable and helpful. Besides, SEO techniques will come handy.

Be proactive

Many businesses hire online reputation advisors after searching for themselves and seeing negative results. Probably by that time, a lot of damage has been done, and it may take a while to fix a bad situation. For any business, the goal should be to dominate the top 20 spot of Google search results with accurate and positive information that reflect your business or brand.